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              About Us

              Zhoushan Taiplastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhoushan Feitao Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is located in the largest screw production base in China. Its strategic location and convenient transportation. More than a decade, the company adhering to the 'quality first, credit first' principle, through continuous efforts and innovation in the plastic machinery with single, twin-screw and its supporting barrel and accessories production already has a complete product design, machining , Quality inspection, after-sales service and a series of production, quality and service system to ensure that customers provide the perfect product.

              The company specializes in manufacturing various specifications, models of injection molding machines, extruders, chemical fiber machines, rubber machines and other products supporting the main components and accessories. The products are made of high-quality nitrided steel 38CrMoALA, refined by the quenching, forming, qualitative, nitriding, refining, polishing and other refined process, due to the use of high-precision production equipment, integrated flow operations and advanced production technology so that The company's products have long life, good wear-resistant anti-corrosion, etc., can replace imported products.

              The company also provides some of the spot, such as Haitian, Haitai, Haida, GM, Haibo, Haida, Sanshun, blue sky, Tianding, Sanyou, Shanghai Tatsu, Starfish, Haixiong, Hong Tian, Ramada and other Model barrel, screw, tapered twin-screw barrel stocking: 50 / 105,55 / 120,65 / 120,65 / 132,80 / 143,80 / 156 and so on.

              The company has great advantages in manufacturing different plastic raw material screws, such as single-screw nylon, nylon and glass fiber, PC, AS, PP, PE, PMMA, PVC, POM and PBT. At the same time, in order to meet the different needs of customers, the company also provides screw rod, cartridge design and real change test, only to double alloy powder repair technology, repair worn screw barrel and other services.

              'Quality of quality. Perfect service. Contract. Keeping promise' is the purpose of the enterprise. Welcome new and old customers more patrons, the perfect is willing to provide you with the best products, the fastest service

              Enterprise honor